Monday, 15 December 2008

Festive fun at West End children’s party

Winning Back Morecambe’s West End held a Christmas party for more than 150 local children last weekend.

The party took place at The Carleton on Sunday and was free to children and their families living in Morecambe’s West End.

A fantastic time was had by all the children with dancing, magic shows, competitions and a visit from a very special guest – Father Christmas.

Every child received a present from Father Christmas and there were lots of prizes awarded during party games and for dancing. There was a buffet provided for all the children and a raffle for the parents.

The party was organised by Winning Back Morecambe’s West End, a Lancaster City Council regeneration project, and a group of local volunteers, with generous support from local businesses.

Alan Winters, community development officer, said: “It was a fantastic party and the kids loved it. The highlight was definitely the special visit from Father Christmas himself.

"I would like to offer a huge thank you to the parents and local residents who have helped to organise the party. They have put in a huge amount of hard work that I’m sure the children appreciated.

"I’d like to offer another thank you to the local businesses that have been so generous in their support for the children’s party. It really is the season of goodwill."

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