Friday, 6 February 2009

Leader Gone but Council Budget Woes Remain

Following the resignation of Roger Mace, the Conservative leader of Lancaster City Council after failing to come up with a budget (see news story and statement), other political groups on the cabinet now have to come up with a budget before the cabinet meeting on 17th February.

"We're faced with trying to set a budget in two weeks after the previous leader failed to do so in nine months," warns Green Party cabinet member Jon Barry (pictured), who narrowly lost out to leadership of the Council to Labour's Abbott Bryning in a vote at Full Council on Wednesday.

"Most groups on the cabinet lost confidence in Coun Mace's ability to set the budget some time ago," he added. "I have made a preliminary attempt at a budget and I will be talking with other groups and officers in the next week to pool ideas and to try to come to a consensus.

"It won't be easy, but we owe it to the district to sort out the mess we have been landed with," says Jom, echoing Bryning's comments on the budget crisis following the announcement of a 4% council tax rise (see news story).

The Council faces numerous financial woes which will mean cuts to services over the coming months that are unlikely to be popular.

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