Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Tap Water Not Meeting Standards, say Inspectors

Tap water in the North has further to go to fully meet European standards according to the independent drinking water quality regulator’s report which is being presented today at a seminar hosted by the Consumer Council for Water’s Northern committee.

“In England we enjoy clean safe tap water but regional variations in quality, whilst only small, continued in 2008,” said Professor Colbourne, Chief Inspector of Drinking Water.

Britain's best tap water quality can be found in the Thames region (99.98%) closely followed by the Central and Eastern regions (99.97%). The lowest figures were reported in the Northern (99.93%) and Southern regions (99.95%). The Western region achieved the industry average figure of 99.96%.

“There is now compelling evidence from consumers to show the benefits of investment in cleaning and renovating the water network with one fifth fewer complaints of dirty water," the professor added.

Areas for water industry improvement flagged in the report are timely diagnosis and remedial action to problems at water treatment works to prevent recurrent problems; improved risk assessment ahead of planned works on water mains to prevent incidents; and Continued focus on preventative maintenance of water supply assets.

• The Drinking Water Inspectorate’s report ‘Drinking Water 2008’ comprising six regional reports for England and a report for Wales and the Chief Inspector’s Letters to Ministers is can be found on the Drinking Water Inspectorate’s Website at www.dwi.gov.uk

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