Sunday, 13 December 2009

The Really Heavy Greatcoat Review of the Year 2009

Yes - a new Really Heavy Greatcoat! Longtime virtual-lancaster readers will know the Greatcoat strip was the joint creation of VL contributor John Freeman and top local cartoonist Nick Miller back in 1987 (more info here), and has featured in several print publications, local and international down the years. But what with other work commitments and the assumed demise of Comics International, where it was last appearing (the publisher now appears to be ignoring our emails for confirmation of this), the strip has taken a back seat to other things for the moment.

That hasn't stopped Mr Miller creating his now traditional 'Review of the Year' featuring some of the characters, and he's also created a smashing seasonal e-card which will also be published on virtual-lancaster very soon. Enjoy. Over, to you, Nick...


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