Friday, 8 January 2010

Cycling Advice for Chilled out Cyclists!

The local adverse weather conditions in the Lancaster and Morecambe area might put off many people from venturing out, but some cyclists are braving the worst.

Lancaster's Celebrating Cycling organisation advises that at present, local main roads are currently rideable with care. "We advise that you ride well out from the gutter where there may be an accumulation of ice and snow," says a spokesperson. "Many side roads and cycle paths are currently covered with a layer of compressed snow/ice, so take extra care in these areas."

Top Tips for Winter Cycling:

• Ride more slowly, keep your weight stable and on the back wheel, and don't lean into turns as much. Stay the course and keep pedalling--your bike wants to stay upright, and momentum will help it.

• Brake with great care, and principally with the back brake

• Know your route so you can anticipate potential hazards

• When it is wet or icy, make turns much more gradually

Road CC’s tips for cycling on ice and snow – how to ride in snow

Bike for All – winter cycling

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