Friday, 26 February 2010

Lancaster Market Protest: Council Solicitors act

Lancaster City Council has begun to use its solicitors to threaten campaigners fighting their plans to close Lancaster Market, arguing that they may have circulated what might be considered "commercially sensitive" information.

virtual-lancaster is concerned the Council may also try to ensure its plans to close the Market are discussed closed down behind closed doors at next week's Council meeting, by the councillors and Council staff. The public - who pay their wages and have funded the Market for years - will have no direct say.

Rather than openly discuss the Market's future, the Council seems set on steamrolling opposition to get its way for a "single retailer" replacement for the current Market.

virtual-lancaster wishes to point out that our previous news item at no point stated the questions we asked were fact, but challenged the Council to confirm or deny rumours circulating.

The only response we have had so far from the Council to our questions has been to correct a web link in the story, which was pointing to last month's Full Council meeting, not the meeting on Wednesday 3rd March at 2.00pm at Morecambe Town Hall. We were, of course, more than happy to make that correction.

At no point has the Council confirmed or denied allegations being made about its deal to secure a single retailer to replace the Market.

• Several online groups are discussing options for the future of the market: this Facebook group has the highest membership, but there are others. A petition is also being circulated around Lancaster Market for people to sign. Over 7000 people have signed so far.

• Lancaster City Council Full Council will take place at 2.00pm on Wednesday 3rd March at Morecambe Town Hall. Campaigners will march from Lancaster Market at 12:15 prompt to Morecambe to vent their anger at the closure plans. Click here for agenda details on the City Council web site

Lancaster City Council Statement on Lancaster Market

Lancaster City Council: Lancaster Market Q&As (PDF link)

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Anonymous said...

Blimey, they're really considering taking all the traders who've been saying the Council is planning on doing a deal with ASCO, 3,500 facebook posters, and the 7,000 who've signed the petition to court? And there was me thinking they had no money.