Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Student dies after road collision

Police have re-issued an appeal for witnesses to a serious road collision on Cable Street, Lancaster, last week, which has resulted in the death of the pedestrian involved.

The victim, 20-year-old Akta Patel was originally from London but was a student in Lancaster.

The accident happened at around 3:33am last Friday, after Akta got off a private coach at the Sainsbury's bus stop near Greyhound Bridge.

She was then involved in a collision with a double decker bus, sustaining serious head injuries.  She was first taken to Royal Lancaster Infirmary and was then transferred to Royal Preston Hospital and, sadly, died yesterday after her life support machine was switched off.

• Police are asking any witnesses to the collision to come forward and contact PC 2514 Bain on 01523 63333 or 01534 596699

• virtual-lancaster extends its sympathies to Akta's family and friends for their loss

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