Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Body cams and dedicated police car tackle World Cup domestic violence

Local police will be using special body cams to record evidence that will help bring domestic violence offenders to justice during this year’s World Cup.

The cameras, which attach to an officer’s uniform and can record both video footage and sound to secure convictions at court, are among several tactics that are being used to tackle domestic violence during the tournament.

As a result of increased alcohol consumption and heightened emotions during games in the last World Cup, reports of domestic violence increased nationally by approximately 30 per cent.

Officers in Northern Division are committed to tackling the issue of domestic violence and are working with partnership agencies to offer victims support.

As well as the body cams, there will be dedicated officers on patrol in a special police car that will respond to reports of domestic violence in Northern Division.

Officers will also be visiting known offenders and high risk victims throughout the tournament in a bid to prevent incidents by directing them to agencies who can offer support to avoid offending.

Superintendent Richard Spedding said: “Where a crime of domestic violence has taken place we will actively seek to bring the offender to justice.

“Our message to victims is that they don’t need to suffer domestic violence in silence -  across Lancashire all agencies work together to provide support for victims of domestic violence and we will work to protect you and your family.”

He added: “People who feel they have committed domestic violence, or fear that they might, should seek help now as there are no winners where domestic violence is concerned.

“If you don’t seek or accept help and you commit domestic abuse you will be dealt with robustly.”

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