Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Lancastrian Beats Freeze With Free Hugs!

Cold Lancastrians dodging through the Christmas shopping crowds today came across a warming sight in Market Street where Mari Winkelman was offering free hugs to all-comers.

"It's keeping me warm", she confided with a radiant smile, and gave me a lovely, gentle, soft hug. I could see what she meant.

And so could the steady flow of willing huggers who all came away glowing. Seconds later an elderly gentleman smiling from ear to ear came dashing back to her with a bag of sweeties that he pressed into her hand. She was thrilled.

A very happy Winter Solstice to all our visitors.


Unknown said...

Satori it was such a joy to have you visit me and i'm honoured that documented my adventure today!! Thank you thank you thank you - it was was a lot of fun on a cold Tuesday :) Love Mari

Anonymous said...

How cool! I wish I got a hug from her! Louis.

Anonymous said...

Your hug cheered me up enormously. Thank you! Sue x

Anonymous said...

Mari Winkleman rocks.

Unknown said...

Lancastrians rock! Such warm-hearted people and so up for receiving hugs from a random woman with a sign :) I recommend doing what I did, to anyone who loves hugs! Mari