Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Nightmare before Christmas for drink drive video blogger

Losing his place in the footie team, his licence, his job and his girlfriend – this has been a bad week for video blogger Robert Lancashire.

Fans of the Love My Lancashire Facebook page have been following Robert’s daily blogs since he was arrested for drink driving at the start of the month.

This week the fictitious character, who is being used by Lancashire Police to promote their annual drink-drive message, lost his driving licence – and is now suffering the consequences.

Robert’s exploits are also captured on a video blog. The latest entry sees the 21-year-old, played by UCLAN student Dominic Hedges, lose his licence for 12 months and get a £500 fine. The conviction means he has to pack in football as he can no longer afford the subs money, loses his job because he needs to be able to drive for work and gets the boot from his girlfriend Donna – who prefers to date someone who can drive.

The final video blog is due to be uploaded on Christmas Eve.

Superintendent Peter O’Dwyer, road policing unit, said: “The video blog is targeted at the 17 – 15 age group, who are most at risk of drink driving this Christmas, but we are finding it is being followed by people of all different ages.

“Everyone is aware of the serious consequences of drink driving – causing potential injuries or death, losing your licence or going to prison but people do not necessarily considered the smaller, yet still significant consequences such as carrying out daily tasks without a car and this affect that this ca have on work or relationships. All of these things are examined in the blog.”

• Follow Rob’s blog (and Dominic’s portrayal in the video clips) at or via the police website page

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