Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Hammerton Hall Lane accident prompts Police clampdown

Police will be clamping down on motorists incorrectly using ‘access only’ roads following a collision involving a car and a motorcyclist.

The rider needed surgery to a broken leg after his red and black Vulcan motorcycle was involved in a collision with a green Ford Focus on Hammerton Hall Lane, between Barley Cop Lane and Slyne Road, Skeron, at around 6.32am on Monday 12th March.

Hammerton Hall Lane is a narrow single track road, governed by ‘access only’ signs. Although the cause of this most recent collision is still being investigated, there have been a number of accidents on the lane as a result of motorists using it as a short cut.

“The layout of this road means that at times it can be difficult to see vehicles travelling in the opposite direction," says PC Peter Black from the road policing unit. "Hammerton Hall Lane is access only and those motorists who ignore this are adding unnecessary traffic onto a single track road, which can lead to accidents.”

He added: “Motorists who disregard that fact that the road is access only can be issued a fixed penalty ticket for non-compliance.”

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