Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Is your Cat confused about the referendum on the voting system on the 5th May?

Are you unsure about how to vote on the 5th May? Confused about AV and First Past the Post? Think about how your cat must feel! The video above addresses the issue in a cat friendly manner.

Meanwhile, after weeks of dodging questions about their funding with some pre-emptive promises, the ‘No to AV’ campaign were finally pressed into revealing a partial list of donors in good time prior to the referendum, but after days of polite questions to their previously chatty Finance Director, Charlotte Vere, they apparently have refused to answer any questions about what the total amount donated might be (though they have implied that information will emerge after everyone has voted).

The ‘Yes to AV’ campaign team, by comparison, have not only published a similar list, but also the total amount donated, and the total number of donors.

When you look at this useful annotated list of the ‘No to AV’ donors, the online site Bloggerheads notes the reason for the secrecy perhaps becomes clearer; from what they have revealed to date, ‘No to AV’ appears to be funded almost entirely by Conservative donors.

Of course, if you're a Conservative then this won't bother you. But if not...

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Rick Seymour said...

Vote Miaow!

James said...

To be fair this is a little misleading.

If you have going to have animals for the different parties, then this should apply throughout.

i.e. rather than 3 cats and a dog, it should be something like a cat, dog, fish and mouse

Having 3 cats implies that they are all from the same party