Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Lancaster Street Pride 2011: Deep cleaning our streets

Lancaster City Council, in conjunction with Lancaster district’s Community Safety Partnership, is planning out its 2011 Street Pride programme and is looking for people to take part.

Could your street benefit from a spring clean?
Would you like to help make your area a better place to live?
Would you like to work with others to build pride in your area?

Street Pride helps people to improve their area by getting involved with public agencies such as the council, police, Probation Service its Community Payback Scheme, local volunteers and neighbours.

Throughout the coming 12 months, 20 areas will be chosen and services provided will include street cleaning, gully emptying, minor highway repairs, weeding and tree pruning.

The aim of the project is to give neighbourhoods an initial boost to smarten up their neighbourhood and put pride back into our communities.

Coun David Smith, Lancaster City Council’s Cabinet member with responsibility for Community Safety, said: “Street Pride is a great way for residents and public agencies to work together and create community spirit in our district.
“Only by working together, and each doing our part, can we make our district a cleaner and healthier place to live, work and play.”

Street Pride events don’t replace Lancaster City Council’s normal programme of street cleansing, but complements it in areas that otherwise may not be able to be tackled.

There may be different reasons why to nominate an area to take part in ‘Street Pride’. It may be that the area has fallen into disrepair, or it may be that it cannot usually be tidied because of parked cars.

For more information, and to nominate an area to take part in Street Pride, visit www.lancaster.gov.uk/streetpride

Image: Central Lancaster back alleyway freshly cleaned, weeded, pruned and repaired by Lancaster City Council Street Pride Scheme.

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Anonymous said...

What regular program of street cleaning? We've got so many weeds coming up between paving stones on our street, we'll have green walkways before long. A lot of the litter is caused by the mess left when recycling boxes spill on collection - the refuse teams do their best to clean up as they go when time permits, but they never have enough of that.

Deep Cleaning seems like a PR scam to me. When they did it on our street a couple of years back, half the team on the job spent most of their time leaning on shovels.