Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Does your business stand out from the crowd?

Joanne Allday
Lancaster and Morecambe College, in association with the Lancaster District Chamber of Commerce, will be holding a free business event ‘Standing Out from the Crowd’ on Tuesday 28th June 2011.

The keynote speaker is Joanne Allday, an experienced Sales and Marketing guru and one of just 300 Female Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the world.

Born into a business world, Joanne’s parents ran a successful retail outlet in Cumbria. From an early age, Joanne and her younger sister were enlisted to serve customers, stock-take and help their father make repairs and deliveries; giving them a hands-on understanding of every aspect of running a small business.

Joanne’s own entrepreneurial flair started to show at age 13, when she was legally old enough to have her own job – and earn her own money. She started a weekly paper-round and delivered three papers, instead of just one; earning three times the money in the same length of time. By focusing on marketing and sales strategies that increase profits and reduce the time business owners need to spend in their business, Joanne now helps her customers achieve the same thing.

Joanne describes herself as a real ‘marketing geek’ and enjoys sharing her knowledge using simple language; giving audiences practical tips that improve their grasp and use of marketing instantly, alongside real-life examples of what works and what doesn’t.

Light Refreshments will be available before the presentations and delegates will have the opportunity to network and visit the exhibition stands.

• For any information regarding this event visit the Chamber of Commerce website here, or if you would like to book exhibition space at this event Please contact Vicky Lofthouse on 01524 381331.

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