Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Folk at the Gillow: August line-up revealed

There's another great line up of folk music planned for Lancastr's Robert Gillow pub next month. Here's the rundown...

Thursday 4th August: Paul Reynolds with special guest, Howard Haigh

Paul Reynolds is usually listed under: “Acoustic World Music, Acoustic Percussive Guitar, Acoustic Jazz, Acoustic Blues, Contemporary” or such like. Actually, he just plays what he enjoys but does it much, much better than most.

Howard Haigh will be known to all acoustic music fans. He plays classical, flamenco, folky, jazzy guitar with an exceptionally large dose of genius.

Thursday 11th August: Pete Scott

The following review, we think, sums Pete up very well. “Pete Scott showed what a marvellous performer he is with a mixture of serious contemporary songs and funny songs, interlaced with a spoken delivery that often had the audience splitting their sides. He has a terrific, easy voice, is masterful with the guitar and is blessed with an amazing sense of humour that held the audience in the palm of his hand for the far-too-brief hour long set.

'So get to see this artist as soon as you can. You are guaranteed a terrific night’s entertainment and, like this audience, you will be chuckling for a long time to come!”

Thursday 18th August: Pat Simmons

Local multi-instrumentalist, singer and digital artist Pat Simmons comes to the Gillow to celebrate his 65th birthday. The organisers are sure he will sing, play the guitar, the fiddle and the whistle at various times -- and are equally sure he will play some traditional folk songs and tunes, some blues numbers and some original compositions.

"We are not sure, however, if the evening will be a solo performance or whether other friends will come and lend a musical hand – and actually neither is he," they add. "But.. it will be excellent music and it will be a party and you are invited!"

Thursday 25th August: Paul Pearson and Friends

Sheffield-based, Paul is known amongst his friends as the Steel Town Troubadour. He's an ace guitarist, writer and singer of songs both contemporary and traditional. He usually plays with his trio - him, a bazouki player and a harmony singer who also plays fiddle and flute - but tonight’s performance may involve some other musicians.

The last time he was in Lancaster we are told: “he certainly captivated the audience when he appeared at The Platform as a support and I seem to recall the words 'spellbinding' and 'pin drop' in the review”.

• The Robert Gillow is at 64 Market Street, Lancaster, LA1 1HP. Tel: 01524 36092. Official web site: www.pubfoodlancaster.co.uk

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