Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Summer time... and burglary is easy...

It seems hot weather is finally upon us, so it's time for the annual reminder not to leave windows open and doors unlocked when you leave your home in a bid to beat the burglars.

Police warn that the warm weather provides a temptation to leave windows open for ventilation purposes – but this can also provide an opportunity for a thief to gain easy access to your home.

They're also asking residents to make sure that their front doors are locked if they are enjoying the sunshine in your back garden. At this time of year, there is often an increase in 'sneak-in’ thefts, where the thief has entered a property by an insecure front door, whilst the occupant is out enjoying the sunshine – even if it is just in their own garden. (This happened to my Mum - Ed)

Residents are also reminded to put away any tools which they have been using, as they can be used to break into either your home or someone else's property. Check that sheds and garages have substantial locks and padlocks and even consider marking their postcode on tools and other gardening equipment as this will make property identifiable and therefore create a further deterrent to theft.

Jan Brown, crime prevention officer, said: "I hope that people will heed the crime prevention advice and always leave their homes secure each time they leave the property empty. The risk of burglary may be greatly reduced, just by closing windows and locking doors."

• Further crime prevention advice can be obtained from your local police station or the Lancashire Constabulary website

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