Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Tickle me pink! Heysham firm launches Mr Men merchandise range

Heysham-based company ThinkSkins have announced an exciting new addition to their range of high quality technology skins for laptops, iPhones and hand-held gaming devices: Mr Men and Little Miss branded skins.

As the only licensee holder for these products within the UK, ThinkSkins sell high quality Skins to customise and protect a wide range of consumer technology products, with a variety of designs to reflect the personality of the product's owner.

Based in Heysham, ThinkSkins specialises in a range of branded and designer protective skins which help to keep laptops and iPhones looking good. The range may be seen on, and purchased from, the Think Skins website

The Mr Men and Little Miss design skins are made from 3M Controltac Plus graphic film, and are precision designed and cut to fit each item, to ensure the skin does not adversely affect the use or the performance of the item it is applied onto.

The Mr Men and Little Miss range initially includes Mr Tickle, Mr Happy and Mr Bump, along with the Little Misses Princess, Sunshine, Chatterbox, and of course, Little Miss Naughty.

The skins are available for the iPhone and the iPod Touch, and a further special Little Miss Princess skin will be available for the Nintendo DSi, exclusively from the ThinkSkins website.

“We all know and love the Mr Men and Little Miss Brands," says Grant Bodie, owner of ThinkSkins. "Personally I grew up with the books and now watch the animations with my little son -- so since taking on this business it was a brand that I knew would be popular across the generations.

"The people at [license holders] Chorion have been fantastic and I hope to expand the range to other devices very soon with both Laptop Skinsand iPad Skins already in the pipeline. Then come more designs!”

“We're delighted to have ThinkSkins on board with Chorion," added Bettina Koeckler at SVP Licensing. "This is an exciting time for the Mr. Men and Little Miss brand as we are celebrating 40 years and this fun new range reflects the brands enduring and contemporary appeal to consumers”

It's 40 years since author Roger Hargreaves created Mr Tickle and introduced his first six Mr Men books to youngsters. These were followed five years later by the first of his Little Miss characters, and their appeal has grown considerably over the intervening years, now selling over 75 million in the UK alone.

Children still delight in the stories with their simple, colourful illustrations, and the Think Skins Mr Men and Little Miss designs will appeal both to the young and the young at heart, as well as protecting their technology products from the knocks and bangs of everyday wear and tear.

It's great to see a local company landing such a prestigious license -- why not check out their web site.

• More info on the ThinkSkins website:

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