Thursday, 24 November 2011

Lancaster Christmas Shelter, please pitch in and help!

Lancaster & District Homeless Action Services are running its 25th Christmas Shelter at St Thomas Church from the 24th - 29th December for those who are homeless or in housing poverty. The shelter offers a warm, safe environment for the homeless over the festive period. It is the only one of its kind in the area with the focus being that no one deserves to go cold, hungry and alone at Christmas.

Last year the shelter served 114 main meals and gave shelter to 47 clients. Lots of people visited and shared their seasonal goodwill. That's what Christmas is for, to make sure that everyone gets through the hard part of the winter together. and Remember good King Wenceslas?

LDHAS told us "In order for us to make Christmas special for our clients we need community support in donating time as a volunteer, and we need food and goods. Donations of money are essential to enable us to provide the Shelter and to assist us with the good work throughout the year.

What can you give:
LDHAS tell us that your goods and toiletries are really useful i.e. toothpastes, nail brushes, combs, hairbrushes etc. (but deodorants would have to be roll-on!!). Socks, boxer shorts, (ladies underwear too!) gloves & hats of all sizes are also constantly required and bags of sweets.
Food that's easy to keep and store and combine is good. And everyone can use treats.
And, crucially, money, which you can send to LDHAS, Edward Street, Lancaster, LA1 1QH.

Volunteers come from all walks of life, and there are many different roles to help out in. There's things to do right now, and more to do later. LDHAS can offer volunteer induction and training in whatever you might feel you need to be more help, if you contact them soon.
To date the following events have been arranged to in order to raise funds:

Collection at Morrisons 2nd and 3rd December
Street Collection 3rd December (11am – 3pm)
Soulrigg and Guests 3rd December, (A music Night in the Grabb Bar), Lancaster University 8am
Gospel Choir Busking 4th December, Lancaster City Centre
Lancaster City Pub Collection, Friday 9th December
Lancaster City F.C, Saturday 10th December
Collection at Sainsburys, Lancaster 15th and 16th December

Find out more and get in touch at
or call 01524 842008

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