Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Luneside Studios offer space for artists to develop their work.

Are you an artist looking for studio space locally to develop your work in? Luneside Studios at Castle Park tell us that they have space on their waiting list for artists seeking an affordable studio environment.

Luneside Studios have been providing studio spaces for artists in Lancaster for nearly thirty years. Originally located on St George's Quay they moved to 26 Castle Park in 2008.

Waiting time on the list is not necessarily over long as they have an ongoing short-term programme for those who only need studio space for a limited period as well as those hoping for a more permanent base.

The ethos of the Studios has always been 'to provide a working environment for artists that gives them the space and resources to develop their work'. And, as their record demonstrates, they have done so. Over one hundred artists have been members of the Studios and many have exhibited locally, nationally and worldwide, as well as some moving on to higher education.

If you are interested in finding out more about Luneside Studios and the waiting list, you can email or telephone 01524 848390
Luneside studios are located at 26 Castle Park, Lancaster, LA1 1YQ.

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