Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Public Service Workers Day of Action N30

N30 is the name for the nationwide day of action called by Public Service unions striking for pensions justice and to defend public services. Twenty six unions have ballotted overwhelmingly in favour of industrial action that day and over two million public sector workers are set to go on strike.

Thousands of local teachers, university lecturers, hospital workers, civil servants and other local public service workers will be joining the strike. It will be the most widespread industrial action in over 80 years and your great-grandchildren may ask you about it one day, so bring your camera.

In the morning there will be peaceful pickets, in many cases including children, outside public services - that means schools, hospitals, government buildings and so on. Many private services and businesses (ie travel companies) rely on public sector workers (ie passport officers) to function - or to caretake their employees' children so please be patient if there are difficulties or delays. Witnessing mass industrial action - and its outcomes - has educational value for young people too.

It's advisable to think ahead and plan your business so you don't have to cross picket lines for skeleton staffed services, unless in desperate need. Check ahead if you have important appointments on the day to make sure that they can still be met.

Lancaster TUC are inviting local people (and visitors too) to join what they plan to be a carnival day of celebration of public services. There will be music, entertainment, speeches, a street parade and much more. Parents, schoolchildren, pensioners, students and many more will also join the rally.

All are welcome to come and join in to mark this historic day of peaceful and family friendly protest. This will be a positive celebration of the vital role of public services in Lancaster and those who work in them.

The day's schedule runs as follows:

• 8am onwards - Coffee morning & breakfast on the picket line - peaceful picket meetings outside many workplaces. Bring your breakfast, warm shoes and placards and join in.

• 11am - all assemble in Dalton Square, Lancaster, outside the Town Hall. Practice a few chants.

• 11.30am March begins around Lancaster City Centre.

• 12.30 Rally in Market Square. Speeches, music, balloons, facepainting, street theatre.

• 1pm - 'one voice at 1pm'. Join together to make some noise - with millions of others across the UK at the same time! Bring drums, whistles, and a hearty voice!

Then there will be more music and mixing.

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