Friday, 25 November 2011

Waiting for Godiva - M6 Link protesters strip back to basics

Lady Godiva rode naked through the streets of Coventry to protest at the unjust taxes her husband was extorting from his people. She's coming to Halton on Sunday 4th December to protest at the unjust taxes the people of Lancashire will have to pay for the unjustified and extortionate Link Road, that will have the shirts off our backs.

As the County Council prepares to submit its application for the new plans to the new planning authority, Transport Solutions for Lancaster & Morecambe (TSLM) is inviting you to come and join her – and the people of Halton, Lancaster & Morecambe - to demonstrate against the new plans

According to TSLM, the new plans submitted now for the Heysham M6 Link Road

· Still don’t solve congestion
· Still don’t bring jobs
· Still damage our communities
· Still destroy our Green Belt
· Still ignore alternatives that would work

TSLM says: Cut tarmac, not services because:

· Consultation was a sham
· Council shouldn’t waste £123 million – while cutting jobs & crucial services
· Lancashire taxpayers will have to pay £12.3 million PLUS cost overruns

So local residents and objectors will be turning out outside the Community Centre at Halton on Low Road on Sunday 4th December at 11.30 to follow Lady Godiva who will be riding on horseback to the High Road and down the pavement opposite St Wilfrid’s
Church, where the narrow road will see 74% more traffic, if the Link Road goes ahead.
TSLM say: Bring all the family! Bring banners! Wear bright clothes!

Visit the New TSLM website


OLLY said...

Oh Dear me. I never been so embarrassed for anyone as I was for this bunch of elderly protesters . At one point there were more police than protesters and considering it was a protest about more vehicles through our village I was amazed at how many people drove to Halton skate Park .As for the buffoon dressed as lady Godiva I can’t even start to say how ridiculous heshe looked . One thing is for sure if anyone from the local government saw this shambles they would be splitting there sides . I would of found this really funny apart from working out how much of the taxpayers money was spent on policing such a pathetic event

John Freeman said...

Not as pathetic as the amount of taxpayers' money the County Council plans to spend on a road everyone (except the Council) says is in the wrong place, and almost every local political party campaigned against (until the Western Bypass got thrown out). Compared with the money our glorious councillors want to waste on that, I'd say the cost of policing this demo pales into insignificance.

Anonymous said...

" . . . a road everyone (except the Council) says is in the wrong place, . . . "
I don't think it's in the wrong place and I'm not the Council. The road should have been built years ago, everyone back then knew it was on the agenda. The anti-road protestors I believe are selfish. Morecambe is almost a traffic Island, with restricted access from Lancaster and Carnforth. It can take an extra hour to travel a few miles. Bring on the tarmac!!!