Friday, 23 December 2011

Battery Eggs illegal from 1 January 2012

Chris Davies, Liberal Democrat MEP, has welcomed the Coalition Government's announcement that tough action will be taken to stop eggs from battery caged hens being sold in the UK.

As of 1st January 2012, eggs that are produced in battery cages will be illegal. It is estimated that up to 51 million eggs, or a nearly a quarter of all EU production, will not be compliant by that date.

UK producers have spent £400 million on meeting the new standards and Davies is keen to ensure that these farmers are not undercut by producers who have not upgraded their systems.

Davies said, "I welcome the commitment of the UK government to take tough action against those who try to sell eggs that do not meet the new EU standards.

"Farmers across the UK have spent millions to comply with the legislation and it is vital that we protect that investment.

"But tough action by the UK must be backed up by tough action from the European Commission.”

Davies has previously called for the UK to impose a ban on eggs being imported into the country that do not meet the standards.

He commented, “It is time to fight fire with fire.  The EU would never punish Britain for imposing a ban on importing these eggs.

“The only people who would be upset are those continuing to mistreat egg laying hens.”

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