Wednesday, 28 December 2011

University Society pledges support for murdered student's cause

Anuj Bidve, who was shot on Boxing Day. Photo via Facebook.
Lancaster University's Indian Society has contributed £500 toward the cost of returning the body of shot student Anuj Bidve to India.

The 23-year-old Lancaster University postgraduate student was shot dead in Salford on Boxing Day as he walked with friends near their hotel.

Four people, including two teenagers aged 16 and 17, have been arrested in connection with the shooting.

Hailing from Pune, India, Anuj was studying Microelectronics at Lancaster University. His father, Subhash Bidve, has appealed for help to bring his body back to Pune through Facebook.

A number of peace events are being planned to commemorate Anuj's life, including one in Mumbai and one in Salfor on Monday 2nd January.

In a statement, Mr Bidve’s family said: ‘Anuj was a loving son, a super caring brother and first and forever friend for many. He valued his relationships and put them over anything else. He was the first person you could call when in trouble. He could easily bring a smile on anyone’s face with his innocent jokes.

"Anuj loved to travel and loved his food. He loved to cook. He loved playing football. He enjoyed his life and is an inspiration for us to live life to its fullest.

"His passing will not only leave a void in our lives, but in the hearts of all those who knew him."

Despite the shocking event, authorities and University contacts of are anxious to point out that such attacks are very rare. Greater Manchester Police have said there is no evidence, as yet, to suggest the attack was either racially motivated or gang related.

"This incident is first of its kind and it does not represent larger population of England or Lancaster University," feels Sonakshi Saran, President of Lancaster University's Indian Society.

"This act should not cause us to worry about sending kids or relatives to study or work in England or Lancaster University... We have trust that justice shall prevail.

"Lancaster University Indian Society has decided to contribute £500 right now and more funds will be given as and when required."

Salford Peace March Information

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Chris Satori said...

I live in Lancaster. I cannot find the words to express my anguish at the terrible murder of this fine young man or the depth of my sympathy with his family and his friends. Justice will be done to the fullest extent of the law, do not doubt it, but it will not heal this loss.
Lancaster is not divided as a community in our shock and horror of this crime and recognition of its terrible cost. I reaffirm my absolute determination to cherish all the students who choose to live among us.
I have also lived in Pune. It is a city greater than we English in our tiny country can easily comprehend. I have travelled widely and never seen anywhere free from injustice but I experienced exceptional kindness there. I am so shamed and so sorry for this loss, and feel my hands are empty. I will make them useful. I am determined that justice go further than punishment; justice must be alive in our hearts, our speech and all our actions.