Thursday, 26 January 2012

Popular Lancaster Greengrocers to close

(via Transtion City Lancaster): There's more bad news on Lancaster's independent retail front with word that The Greengrocers in Common Garden Street is closing on 4th February.

Workers for the business reportedly got 11 days notice of the shock closure, which came after the building went up for sale for £250,000 -  and staff have lost their jobs, even though some have worked there for years.

The current owner has apparently already got a prospective buyer for the property who wants to get rid of the greengrocer's – so the only option now for the business (or its experienced staff) is to find another place and start a new business.

The closure is another blow to Lancaster's unique retail offering, following on the heels of the decision to close Lancaster Market and the announced closure of China Street-based pet shop Pearson’s Pet and Aquatic Store, also a victim of a change of building ownership, which the Lancaster Guardian reported will close in March after trading for 41 years.

Another long-standing independent busines, Chirnsides, will also close next month after almost 150 years of trading when its Managing Director retires.

Supporters of local veg sellers are incandescent at the news, but wonder if the time is right for another community veg shop in Lancaster.

"There would be lots of support from the co-op people," suggests Wendy Haslam, "and even the Government are supposed to be supporting this sort of enterprise and there are already some experienced workers and all the contacts.

"It would be good to have that outlet for local growers as well. Perhaps it could stock more organic veg?"

Traders in Lancaster Market are reportedly looking at alternative places for a new Market-style location.


Anonymous said...

- this sucks. It's a great grocers. The staff are always great. Sad news.

Anonymous said...

Well I am that person who has worked there for years and yeah it sucks but dont give up on me yet

Jill Anderson said...

The produce is always really good, and I agree that the staff are extremely helpful. Agree that this is sad news.

Anonymous said...

That's terrible. I'm moving to Lancaster soon and was looking forward to being able to buy my fruit and veg from a proper greengrocers again. If a co-op shop does pop up, I'd happily use it.

Anonymous said...

I heard that people want to support the business to move - is there any info about this online - ie facebook?

Anonymous said...

This Lancaster Guardian article ( informs us that it was the owner of the greengrocers who decided to sell the business rather than being forced out as the Virtual Lancaster story suggests.