Monday, 13 February 2012

The Really Heavy Greatcoat: Murdoch

The Really Heavy Greactcoat is a long-running cartoon strip which ace artist Nick Miller and I created years ago and published in alternative Lancaster magazine On The Beat and Off the Beat and, later, on virtual-lancaster.

Just occasionally, Nick (who's constantly busy on numerous projects) teases us all with a new and topical episode.

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1 comment:

Chris Satori said...

It puts me in mind of an old Ken Pyne cartoon in Private Eye a couple of years ago.
Pictured in Regency style is a laughing Rupert Murdoch with his britches down around his knees and a sunny radiance emanating from his buttcleft, in which a smaller David Cameron gleefully basks. Caption: "Mr Cameron Rejoices in the Knowledge that the Sun is Shining on him".
How times change.