Friday, 24 February 2012

WebFinds: Find Me A Milkman!

At the heart of your community... come rain or shine, your local milkman will keep you topped up with fresh milk, dairy products and lots lots more.

Find Me A Milkman is one of two web sites we've found that makes it easy for you to find local milk and dairy businesses delivering in our area, and can now provide convenient links to the growing number of dairy businesses with online service information, news and special offers.  

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Brian said...

Did you really "find" these web sites? Findmeamilkman thinks a company in Barrow is the best for me but when you check their web site you get the default IIS7 no-web-site-installed-here page. At least milkandmore tell you straight away they don't cover this area (Morecambe).

John Freeman said...

Third time trying to respond to this, head cold has turned brain to mush.

Firstly, virtual-lancaster received no money for mentioning the lnks in this story.

I was sent the humorous graphic for this from an artist friend. Well, I thought it was funny: I would hope that no-one would seriously think either site mentioned had created it.

I checked FindMeaMilkman for my own area in Lancaster and was offered a number of options, including the Milkman I already use.

It's a shame you got no useful results for Morecambe, but I considered the information useful based on the results I got.

Here at virtual-lancaster, we have always tried our best to promote small businesses. While this site might not be perfect, things that help promote such operations are welcome.

John Freeman said...

I have just tested FindMeAMilkman with a central Morecambe postcode. While it does indeed list a Barrow milkman first - very odd! - it also listed the following altenatives:

I Atkinson & Son
Boon Town Farm, Borwick Lane, Warton, Carnforth LA5 9QN. Tel: 01524 720884

Lancaster Dairy Service
19 Cleveland Drive, Lancaster LA1 5EW
Tel: 0152433892

Mr A Stephenson
2 Newlands Farm, Long Dales Lane, Nether Kellet, Carnforth LA6 1EA
Tel: 01524 734371

J S & A Towers
Brades Farm Dairy, Farleton, Lancaster LA2 9LF
Tel: 01524 221589

It would seem the site needs some fine tuning, but local services ARE being listed.