Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Police officer saves Heysham pensioner from fire

A local police officer has been praised for his brave actions after saving a Heysham pensioner from a house fire.

Lancashire Constabulary received a call from Lancaster City Council at 6.20pm on 1st March, stating an elderly resident’s 'Lifeline' - a device which automatically calls a monitoring centre at the touch of a button in an emergency - had been activated at an address in Maple Avenue, Heysham.

PC Jamie Illingworth went to the address and found plumes of smoke filling the entire flat. Inside, the kitchen stove was ablaze, but Jamie was able to extinguish the fire

He then then tried to locate the home owner through the thick smoke, finding the 89-year-old resident  lying on the floor in a corridor, unable to get up.

PC Illingworth helped him to safety and, when an ambuanc arrived, the elderly resident was given oxygen before being taken to hospital.

Inspector Guy Hamlett, Lancaster police, said: “PC Illingworth went into the address without fear for his own safety and his actions no doubt stopped the fire from spreading and saved this gentleman’s life.”

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