Thursday, 10 May 2012

Follow the Queen's Lancashire visits on Twitter

Lancashire residents hoping to catch a glimpse of the Queen when she visits Lancashire next week are being encouraged to follow the police on Twitter @LancsPolice.

The Constabulary will be using the social network site to keep people informed about important traffic news, road closures and how busy venues are when Her Majesty the Queen, His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh and His Royal Highness The Prince Of Wales, come to the county next Wednesday 16th May.

And, with just over two weeks to go before the Olympic torch passes through the county, police will also using the Twitter feed to keep people informed.

“2012 is an extremely busy year for Lancashire Constabulary with some major events taking place across the county," a spokesperson for Lancashire Constabulary said.

“Clearly a great deal of planning has to be done to accommodate events of this scale and our priority will be to ensure the safety of visiting guests, whilst keeping people informed about traffic news and any other relevant information.

With over 14,000 followers, Lancashire Constabulary regularly use Twitter to share news of different policing operations and to appeal to the public to help find missing people or solve local crimes. But they've also found it to be most useful to inform the public when there are major events and demonstrations in the County.

“We are encouraging people to follow us on Twitter @LancsPolice so they can view the information we give out and, if they want, they can share it too - by re-tweeting it to their friends and family – and tweet back at us. It will be a fantastic way to keep up to date with what’s happening and to play an active role within the community.”

Twitter was launched worldwide in July 2006 and has seen hundreds of thousands of people and organisations use the site to share news and views including Lancashire Constabulary that launched its page in October 2009.

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