Thursday, 31 May 2012

Gadget using horse riders risk their safety, police warn

Horse riders who listen to MP3 players and talk on mobile phones while out on hacks are being urged to take more care on the roads.

Police have received several complaints from motorists that riders are getting distracted by gadgets and putting themselves, and their horses, at risk.

Riders, and the parents of younger riders, are being asked to pay more attention to the road in a bid to avoid potential accidents.

PC Chris Ashworth, of Northern Division’s road policing unit, said: “Motorists should know to take extra care when driving past horses, but the situation is not helped when the riders themselves aren’t fully concentrating on the road.

“Some riders, particularly younger riders, are listening to their MP3 players or Ipods and chatting on their mobiles. This makes it very hard for them to hear other vehicles and is potentially dangerous.”

“We would ask riders to make sure their mind – and eyes and ears – are on the road, " he added, "and that parents make sure their children are aware of these safety issues while out on their horses.”

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