Monday, 11 June 2012

The Lancashire Hotpots help Police with some Musical Marketing for new post

One of the Lancashire's most popular musical exports have joined Lancashire Police Authority's campaign to promote this year's most important election.

The Lancashire Hotpots have recorded a song and music video in support of 'Be Part of It!'; LPA's campaign to make people more aware of this year's vote to elect a Police and Crime Commissioner for Lancashire.

The teaser of the song and video is available on YouTube right now and another snippet of the song will be unveiled, via Twitter and Facebook, on Tuesday12th June and Wednesday 13th June. The election will take place on 15th November. All of Lancashire's electorate can vote for who they want to be responsible for tackling crime and holding the police force to account in the County.

The Lancashire Hotpots are one of the County's best-loved bands, performing across the UK in front of thousands of fans. They'll perform the song live, for the first time, in Burnley Town Centre on Saturday 16th June from Midday.

"We're so pleased to join the 'Be Part of It!' campaign," said lead-singer Bernard Thresher . "We support LPA in wanting as many people as possible to know about this election, so why not do it through music?

"This is an important election for Lancashire and one which everyone is taking seriously. But we also know that it’s a County with a sense of humour and this song reflects that.

"We hope that the people of Lancashire like the song and the video.

"We're excited at the LPA to have The Lancashire Hotpots on-board," added  Lancashire Police Authority Chief Executive, Miranda Carruthers-Watt. "They have been a delight to work with and I would like to thank them for their support so far.

"The song is just one way we are hoping to capture the interest of the Lancashire electorate. It is vital that as many people as possible know about their right to vote for a Police and Crime Commissioner. 

"My kids introduced me to The Lancashire Hotpots and I have 'Chippy Tea' on my iPod. I like the song; it's catchy and speaks clearly about the election and what the PCC will be responsible for. I encourage as many people as possible to view and download the song for free and tell friends and family to do the same."

• The song and video can be downloaded, for free, on iTunes and via Facebook, at from Friday 15th June.

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Anonymous said...

Oh this is just Great. In the mean time while the police mess about with PR nonsense Salt Ayre is trashed, Heysham High sport centre burnt down and goodness knows how many people mugged on the cycletrack.