Friday, 1 June 2012

Lancaster's Whirlwind Youth produce a Tempest

Whirlwind Youth Theatre is presenting Shakespeare's magical play The Tempest at Lancaster's  Gregson Community Arts Centre on the 8th and 9th July, directed by Myette Godwyn.

This is a beautiful magical play (who can't help be captivated by lines like "We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded by a sleep"?), an ode to life and includes: a shipwreck, young love, elemental sorcery and fantastical mythological characters, personal loss and family reconciliation.

Whirlwind have created are colourful marvellous Jacobean style costumes and music has been specially written for the production.

Two young dancers play Ariel from the Laura Sandham School of Dance – giving a vibrant physical performance. All the children/ young people, some of whom have complex special needs, shine out their talents and have produces an amazing show that you should all see.

The Gregson Centre is a splendid space for Shakespeare as it looks like a small Globe Theatre complete with a balcony and recess where Miranda and Ferdinand are revealed playing chess, snarling wolves appear and Roman deities promenade for wedding blessings. The young company have explored a very naturalistic way of performing that brings to life the rhythmical poetic text and complements their age range from five years to18 years.

There's also a guest appearance from an established local actor Ian Blower, who has been in many shows at The Dukes, appeared in the plays in the park and is a regular with Whirlwind Theatre. He has been working with the children during the Saturday morning sessions on Shakespearian Text production, making sure the pronunciation is correct and jumping up and down when we all get it wrong for the umpteenth time.

"On the first night we are doing things a little differently by reflecting the joy of theatre in Shakespeare’s day," enthuses a company spokesperson.

"The original Globe theatre used to have what was called ‘A JIG’ at the end of the play. Local bands would come on stage and play for a dance, and it didn’t matter whether the play had been the bloodiest tragedy or not, the band would step over the bodies and play jolly tunes, and the audience would make merry.

"We're doing the same by opening the evening up, at the end of the show, to a type of Jacobean open mic night. The MacLaries (a local comic folk duo) and children’s company will start the evening playing fun original numbers, but we are also inviting any folk style bands to join us for this ‘JIG’.

"The bar will be open and the evening will commence, so come prepared to dance. Shakespeare is not scary but a fun celebration of life and is for everyone!"

The Tempest plays on 8th  July at 6.00pm ( with Jig),  and 9th July at 5.30pm. For bookings please ring 01524 811794   or follow the links on the website for Tickets The Gregson Community Arts Centre is at 33-35 Moorgate, Lancaster, LA1 3PY

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