Sunday, 10 June 2012

New edition of historical novel set in Lancaster released

The Lancaster Crossing by Christopher Oxborrow
A new edtion of The Lancaster Crossing by local author Christopher Oxborrow has just been released.
Re-published this month, ten years after its original publication, The Lancaster Crossing is a novel set over 200 years ago, opening in the busy port of Lancaster.

When men toiled to build our canals, fortunes made on distant oceans paid for their labour and materials. The Lancaster Crossing follows two young men growing up, living the horror of the Atlantic Slave Trade, and the terror of the Baltic traders who imported the massive supplies of timber.

"While the great engineers and 'navigators' were transforming our landscape, Napoleon was marching across Europe and making alliances with our trading partners," noes Christopher. "We travel from building the great aqueduct in Lancaster, to Britain's merciless attack on the friendly state of Denmark, Yet trading partnerships were established which continue today. Likewise, the great Lune Aqueduct draws today’s tourists to marvel at its massive structure."

Christopher says historic accuracy is an essential element of the novel, and accounts from many sources have been studied to create the precise environment for the fiction.

The Lancaster Crossing is available in Waterstones and other local quality bookshops now, as well as online from Amazon, including an ebook version.

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