Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Vehicles stopped in Lancashire as part of operation

Hundreds of vehicles have been stopped over the last several weeks in Lancashire as part of a road safety campaign by the constabulary.

BikeWatch was launched in April by police in Lancashire in conjunction with the Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety and RideSafe BackSafe.

The initiative has seen officers and volunteers stepping up their interaction with both motorcyclists and car drivers in order to drive home key messages around safe riding and safe driving around motorcycles.

In total 2561 vehicles have been stopped, including 1153 motorcyclists throughout Lancashire by officers since the start of April.

Reasons for engaging with riders and drivers include minor indiscretions requiring general safety advice, speed related offences, roadworthiness issues and more serious offences such as careless and dangerous driving or riding.

Sergeant Nigel Ralphson from the Roads Policing Department, commented on the operation: "Many riders and drivers have been stopped in order that together with our partners we can give advice around certain aspects of their driving, and it is encouraging to note that the vast majority are keen to chat to us and support the general aim towards less riders being killed or seriously injured.”

Chief Inspector Damian Kitchen, from Lancashire Constabulary’s Operations Division, said "Last year nine motorcyclists were killed and 526 injured in Lancashire and we are determined to work together with riders, drivers and partner agencies so that we reduce this figure year on year.

"For this reason, anyone seen committing offences that are particularly careless, inconsiderate or dangerous have been and will continue to be dealt with robustly.

"Motorcyclists can be particularly vulnerable and therefore the message for bikers is clear - ride safe by wearing the appropriate gear, ensuring that both your vehicle and riding meet the legally required standard and always be aware of your environment and surroundings when travelling." 

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