Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Council says Canal Corridor plans are key to Lancaster renaissance

Lancaster City Council is describing new plans for Lancaster's Canal Corridor development as essential to the city's future.

As we previously reported, a revised development agreement for the Canal Corridor North site in Lancaster was approved by the Council at last week's Full Council meeting, paving the way for the development of this area of Lancaster by the council's appointed Developer, Centros.

"The Canal Corridor North site is key for the renaissance of Lancaster and the wider district," argues Coun Eileen Blamire, leader of the Council.

“It is in urgent need of regeneration and if we don’t develop the area we risk falling behind other towns and cities in the north west.

“Centros has produced a new masterplan for the area, which takes account of the views of English Heritage.

“But it’s important to remember that the masterplan is currently only a draft – no formal planning application has been submitted. There will be plenty of opportunities for the public to get involved both before and during the planning process.

“Under the revised terms of the development agreement, the council will require Centros to consult with a wide spectrum of identified consultees (as well as all necessary statutory consultees under the Planning Acts) on the masterplan prior to submitting any formal planning application for the site.

“Once a planning application is submitted, a further consultation will be undertaken by the council, as it does with any major planning applications, allowing a further period of time for people to have their say on the final plans.”

Campaigners It's Our City, who challenged earlier plans, remain cautious about developers Centros, arguing there has never been an open process for selecting a developer for this site and that Centros have been given an unfair advantage by the Council.


Anonymous said...

Hahahaha. I expect it was a new Debenhams that kicked off the renaissance in 13th century Italy.

Anonymous said...

Did the Council borrow the Centros PR guide for this release? This has Mr Blobby written all over it, just like the Storey, the Market...

Anonymous said...

The Centros Proposal is highly flawed even by the criteria they themselves set vis a vis the financial health of the economy affording high enough rents to be established. Has anyone from LCC or Members even checked their appalling record with other regeneration schemes from Portsmouth to Bury St Edmonds? They are asset strippers and with a Virgin Isles base they are likely to avoid the tax that a UK Registered firm would be liable for.
Labour have ben dazzled by the headline figures about job creation but failed to drill down into the quality of employment as they will mainly be low wage/low skilled opportunities.
Our esteemed members care not a jot for the unique heritage this city is blessed with, they would see it all condemned for an enhanced shopping experience. Given this council's appalling record in negotiations with contractors/developers we, the tax payer do not want the future of this city frittered away by the myopic ignoramuses currently lobbying to sell the city's future for nothing more than a retail park. We will fight this to the bitter end!

Unknown said...

Without this kind of development/investment in the city what kind of future do you see for Lancaster? Trade is 40% down, Lancaster is dying. We are too reliant on the students and the money they bring.
We are being left behind by neighbouring towns and cities, what reason do people have to come and visit Lancaster? And what employment opportunities are there for the youth?

John Freeman said...

Please can you provide a link or reference for your claim that trade in Lancaster is 40 % down? Where did this statistic come from? I'm not disputing it but I would like to know where it came from.