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Fab Folk at the Gillow in July

Roger Wilson
The ace Roger Wilson is back at the Robert Gillow this month
There's a fab month of folk music lined up for every Thursday night at the Robert Gillow pub on Lancaster's Upper Market Treet this month. Here's the details...

Thursday 5 July: Drooling Banjos

“We are the Drooling Banjos. There are three of us: Steve on guitar and voice, Martin on banjos various and guitar, and Jack the boy wonder on harmonica.” - a foot-tapping juggish band of the old school. With their energetic renditions of songs familiar and not so familiar this trio of local virtuosi’s deep knowledge and understanding of the genre will soften the heart of the most care-worn and cynical. The rarefied talents of these musicians, the breadth of tonality and sonority of their instrumentation and their subtlety of rhythmic dynamism, serve to counterpoint the poetic and cryptic nature of the lyrical content.

Thursday 12th July: J’ache Accused

The artist formerly known as Jake Hughes plays American country folk and a typical set will include numbers by the likes of Woody Guthrie, Jimmy Rogers, Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, Merle Haggard and Neil Young. Using 6-string and 12-string acoustic guitars, banjo, harmonica and possibly an electric instrument or two he plays and sings with considerable power, skill and belief. Excellence is guaranteed.

Thursday 19th July: Tony Cooke and Howard Haigh

The reputations of these two go before them - their musical pedigrees are known far and wide. Howard’s classical, flamenco, jazzy guitar (Lava, Men of The Hour) and Tony’s folk-dance finger-picking (Free Reed Band, Moorgate) and rockfolk singing (The Duo) have been entertaining the Great British Public for decades. Tonight for the first time ever they combine their talents and will present “an eclectic evening of folk songs and tunes with added bluesy overtones and jazzy bits”.

The music will come from their respective solo albums and band repertoires with pieces being especially arranged - and some especially written - for this occasion.

Thursday 26th July: Roger Wilson

We are pleased to announce the return to Lancaster of this rare musical talent. He is a unique and extraordinary guitar and fiddle player, with a wonderful voice and immense capacity for original and inspired songwriting. He has gained enviable international acclaim for his musicianship with such artists as Martin Carthy, Chris Wood, Sarah Grey, John Tams and the USA-based House Band. His has three solo albums to his credit, spent two years as the mainstay of the orchestra in the award-winning theatrical milestone “War Horse” in London’s Drury Lane and recently toured with a revitalised “Lark Rise To Candleford”.

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