Monday, 9 July 2012

Have you got the bottle to recycle?

Lancaster City Council is encouraging everyone in the district to recycle all their plastic bottles.

In the UK, 15 million plastic bottles are used every day, but less than 50 per cent of these are recycled, and so, to raise awareness about the plight of the plastic bottle, the council has launched a competition.

All you have to do is guess the number of plastic bottles that have been squashed into a recycling box, for your chance to win one of two fantastic prizes. Up for grabs are a Kindle or an iPod shuffle.

You can either enter the competition online by visiting where you can also find out more about plastic bottle recycling and other recycling services or come along to the last of three roadshows which is taking place this Wednesday (11th July) between 10am and 4pm in Market Square, Lancaster.

Deadline for entries is Friday 20th July.

All types of plastic bottle can be recycled in your kerbside recycling box – not just drinks bottles, but also shampoo and shower gel, sauces, cleaning products, and many other types of plastic bottle. It doesn’t matter what shape or colour it is, if it’s plastic and it’s a bottle – it can be recycled.

Recycled plastic bottles can be turned into all sorts of every day objects, such as fencing, benches and even fleeces. In fact it only takes 25 two litre bottles to make one adult sized fleece.

Residents in the Lancaster district are currently unable to recycle any other types of plastic such as yogurt pots, food trays, tubs and carrier bags. Lancaster City Council is working with the waste treatment plant where recycled materials are taken and hopes to be able to provide further plastic recycling facilities in the future.

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