Saturday, 15 September 2012

Lancashire Police & Crime Commissioner Candidates

Afzal Anwar, Tim Ashton and Clive Grunshaw
 On 15 November Lancashire will vote to elect its first Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) with the successful candidate announced the following day. The PCC will replace the current Lancashire Police Authority. You can find out more about this and also how to stand for election yourself at

So far three candidates have been announced; Afzal Anwar (Lib Dem), Tim Ashton (Conservative) and Clive Grunshaw (Labour).

Do you have questions you would like to put to them on issues of Crime and Policing?
Email your questions to Virtual Lancaster and we will compile a selection to send to Lancashire PCC candidates when nominations close on 18 October.

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Anonymous said...

Appalling election, first I've known of the candidates is on here. Not seen or heard a peep out othe candidates themselves . How are they going to convince anyone they're soo in touch with their community in order to be abe to serve it? How can we the community consent to policing if we haven't got a clue who they are or what they stand for??