Friday, 26 October 2012

Join award winning artist for a workshop at Williamson Park

An award-winning artist is inviting people to take part in a workshop this November at the Ashton Memorial in Williamson Park.

The workshop takes place on Saturday 10th November from 10am - 4.00pm and aims to provide inspiration for a future exhibition ‘Memory/Loss’ which will take place in the Ashton Memorial in Spring 2013.

Sabine Little from Sheffield is the talented glass artist behind the Arts Council funded project ‘Follies for Follies’.

Sabine said: "I am particularly excited about coming to Lancaster not only because the Ashton Memorial is the only folly I am aware of with a dedicated gallery space, but also because I hope to create several pieces of work with the help of and inspiration from the general public.

"I am hoping that members of the public will come and share their memories and bring pictures and letters, etc.  These will be copied and some of them used to inspire the exhibition pieces for spring 2013."

One exhibition, the “Sea of Memories” is already in progress and consists of a fleet of tiny glass boats with sails in a multitude of colours.

This will be the centrepiece of the Spring Exhibition and all those attending the workshop will be given the opportunity to pay £2.50 and have a name engraved on one of the ships, for it to 'set sail' as part of the installation.  A number of ships have already been sponsored, and it is hoped that many more will be added to the fleet.

“The Sea of Memories is not only about friends and family who have passed away, but it is a chance to dedicate a ship to a loved one, as a way to share happy memories" explains Sabine.  "I truly hope that the Sea of Memories, as well as the rest of the exhibition, will be adopted by the people of Lancaster and beyond as an exhibition of memories from the whole community."

Sabine is also working with pupils from Lancaster Christ Church School to inspire some of the work.

• For those unable to attend, ships may be sponsored online at

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Sabine Little said...

Thank you so much for helping to advertise the event! It is on a drop-in basis, so people are welcome to come at any point during the day - and I'm very much looking forward to seeing you!