Monday, 29 October 2012

Local author Christie Cavendish set for new library event

Morecambe Library is hosting a new local crime author event on Saturday 3rd November 2012. It's a chance to meet local writer Christie Cavendish, whose first novel, Family Deceit, has just been published by London-based Olympia.

Perhaps better known to date for her award-winning poetry, romantic lingerie seller Christie has been involved in Creative Writers Workshops, teaching the art of performance and took part in previous Dance and Art Festivals in Morecambe.

Over the years she's been an active stage performer with Morecambe Amateur Dramatics and has worked as a Legal Adviser and Debt Specialist for The Citizens Advice Bureau and sat on the board of Governors for the Lancaster and Morecambe College.

The event will offer the opportunity to discuss – and buy – Family Deceit and Christie will also be doing signings.

In Family Deceit, when eight year old Katy Sinclair is the unwitting witness and sole survivor to the brutal assassination of her family and best friend, the trauma leaves her without speech for many years, but she gradually begins to recover with the help of her loving uncle. Katy is left with a need to know why this had happened, and also who had perpetrated this heinous crime.

With the help of a few trusted friends she manages to solve the mystery, and 20 years after the crime, Katy invites a number of ‘guests' to her family home, where the massacre took place.

As Katy begins to address her unwilling audience the true horror of what really happened is revealed, and the conclusion comes at a terrible price.

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