Monday, 26 November 2012

New Lancaster community project aims to go "Beyond Radio"

After consultation with the public following the announcement recently that a local group were applying to Ofcom to license a new community radio station for the district, a name has been chosen for the station.

Over 100 names were put forward by local people following press coverage and via facebook and twitter. Proper Community Media (Lancaster) Ltd, the not for profit company developing the Ofcom application, had a difficult time choosing the name and in the end it came down to a vote as the members were split over the choices.

The new project will hopefully fill the gap left by the closure of DiversityFM, which ceased broadcasting some months ago.

Chief Executive, Duncan Moore, explained. “We wanted a name for the new station that was memorable and represented our desire to be more than just another radio station on the dial. In the end it came down to a vote among the members and from that a name was chosen that we feel best describes our aspirations for the new service we wish to establish.

"It was a name that cropped up very early in our consultations with the public and again towards the end," he continued. "We want to thank the many people who put names forward and I’m pleased to announce that we will take the project on from here under the name ‘Beyond Radio’. We hope that through the name local people will instantly recognise our intention to develop a community resource that goes further than just radio.”

The plan is to develop a station that not only engages with local people in a relevant way via FM radio and the internet, but in a face to face way by offering support for individuals and groups through training and community development work. Beyond Radio will be innovative in its output as well as in its engagement with local residents. It wants to find new ways to give listeners a much more rewarding radio experience and also wishes to work with other local media providers in helping residents shape their community.

Duncan went on to say. “We’re really encouraged by the messages of support from the public and I’m asked most days when the new station will be on air. We’ve a long way to go to that first broadcast and we have to convince Ofcom that Beyond Radio will be a viable alternative service for the district.

"Our immediate aim is to bring in funding to support us through the application process. A fundraising group has been formed and we’ll soon be out there spreading the word. If granted a license we hope that local people will take some ownership in the station through offering their ideas and support and when we’re broadcasting, their praise and criticisms as appropriate. We want this to be a true community station where local people feel they have real input.”

There is a website in development which will launch in December and this will broadcast some taster programmes over the internet so people can get an idea of the types of shows and material on offer in the future.

In the meantime if anyone wishes to contact Beyond Radio to offer financial support, no matter how small, or wants to know about website advertising, sponsorship or another aspect of the station they can e-mail or call 07855 696924.


Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS NEWS! Cant wait for it!

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