Thursday, 15 November 2012

Opinion: Did somebody mention an election?

Today, for the first time, in a blizzard of media indifference, Lancashire will elect its first Police & Crime Commissioner. We didn't receive any questions to ask them.

We apologise for suggesting in an earlier article that anybody could stand. Gina Dowding, Co-ordinator of North Lancashire Green Party has now informed us:

"The Greens  decided not to stand in this election, not least because of the prohibitive deposit of £5000 which was required up front by any candidate standing."

To stand for election as an MP the deposit is just £500.

And that's it. Normally, we would urge people to get out and vote. Probably you should. Otherwise you could end up with UKIP candidate and ex-special constable Rob Drobny (40) from Knott-End-On-Sea who, with a keen eye for the most vulnerable in society, says his top crime priority is

"I will say no to the persecution of motorists as driving cash machines."

Rob Drobny, the man who puts the 'human' into traffic.

Alternatives are:

Anwar Afzal, Liberal Democrat

Tim Ashton – Conservative

Clive Grunshaw, Labour

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