Thursday, 6 December 2012

Animal ban for teenage ASBO cousins

Jordan Price
Two young cousins who mistreated pets have been banned from being in possession of animals under the terms the anti-social behaviour orders they have been given.

Under the terms of the ASBOs, Jordan Price and Jay Price, both 15, have also been banned from sections of Lancaster’s Ryelands estate after making life a misery for residents there.

Lancaster magistrates gave the pair the two-year ASBOs after hearing a catalogue of evidence highlighting the abusive and anti-social behaviour carried out by the two boys.

Under the conditions of the ASBO, Jordan Price, of Crossgill Place, Lancaster, and Jay price, of Marshaw Road, Lancaster, must not –
  • Act in an anti-social manner that is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to others in Lancaster, in particular using foul or abusive language or threatening and intimidating behaviour
  • Entering the Ryelands estate other than taking a direct and specified route to their own family home (Jay Price can also take a direct route to and from his grandfather’s home when making a visit)
  • Being in possession or control of an animal in a public place, except when exercising a muzzled dog on a lead
  • Associate with each other and Declan Clarkson, George Price-Gracie, Billy Price-Gracie, Andrew Stocker, Callum Clarkson or Connor Lynch
Jay Price
PCSO Katie McKelvie, of Ryeland’s neighbourhood police team, said: “Both Jordan and Jay Price have caused mayhem in and around the estate for some time and we have had a number of reports of them mistreating residents’ pets, particularly cats and rabbits.

"They are part of a larger group of teenagers responsible for vandalism, graffiti and anti-social behaviour on the estate.

“Hopefully the conditions of their ASBOs will now restrict this unruly behaviour and make them reconsider their actions. It should also show residents that we are committed to taking action against those who are causing a problem in a particular area and that we will work with them to resolve the issues.”

• If residents see Jordan or Jay Price breaking the conditions of their ASBOs they should report it to police on 101.

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