Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Councillors fury at Morecambe MP David Morris over Chatsworth Gardens EDM

Local councillors have challenged Morecambe MP to withdraw his Early Day Motion presented to the House of Commons over the future of Chatsworth Gardens.

The councillors argue what the wording of the controversial EDM is largely based on his failure to meet with councillors about the project.

Noting Lancaster City Council has gained the the funding to match the Government's £1.9 million earmarked funding for the redevelopment of Chatsworth Gardens, Mr Morris claims there were "real concerns" raised by him and resident that the project might have been shelved because the Council was "seemingly unwilling to match-fund the Government after successfully securing this funding".

While the Motion also "applauds the Council for pledging to go ahead with the project" Labour councillors are furious at the MP's comments

"It is unsporting in this season of goodwill for David Morris to use his privileged position to put down an early day motion in Parliament that both criticises and applauds the City Council in the same breath," says Councillor Ron Sands.

"His applause is justified, but his criticism is based on his own misunderstandings, coupled with his repeated failure to meet with elected Council Leader Eileen Blamire  and Deputy Leader Janice Hanson.

"These two councillors have worked tirelessly to resolve the issues surrounding the Chatsworth Gardens Project in the West End of Morecambe," Ron continues.

"Mr Morris' duty is now clear," he feels. "You must mend your fences with these councillors - who regularly hold very positive dicussions with your fellow MP in Lancaster.  Councillors Blamire and Hanson wish nothing more than to enjoy civilised conversations with you about your constituency - free from any party political bias.

"This is a moment for MP and city council to celebrate the the resolution of what seemed an intractable problem.  Let us rejoice together, and not abuse arcane parliamentary procedures to score political points - something that the British public rightly abhors."

Mr Morris other EDM support or proposals have recently included concern at the government withdraw of visas for Chernobyl children, near hysteria at the number of wind farms in the Irish Sea and fury over a congestion charge levied on Morecambe resident James Quinn, a volunteer driver in the NHS who drove a 10 month old baby to Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital for critical brain surgery back in May, calling the fine "deeply unfair".


Anonymous said...

I'm afraid this MP is a waste of space, I've written to him twice and my wife three times never did get a reply. Roll on the next election hope they're all out !

Anonymous said...

The EDM is just a paper exercise and will go nowhere. Mr Morris' act is merely a bit of bitching to upset the councillors.

Mr Morris has no given role except to support the nuclear power station and its plans for a new driveway. It is too late for him to start pretending an interest in local matters now.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about getting a reply from Mr Morris. If he does reply, either he or his assistant often repeats the same government line you may have been complaining about anyway. Challenged on one matter, his office simply sent a letter which almost cut and pasted the government press release on the issue.

Chris Satori said...

In a strange coincidence, I read in the Westmorland Gazette that Mr Morris has had to take his website down after it was hacked by ‘Freedom for the Mujahideen’.


Those missing their online Morris fix can see a youtube video of him playing in his parliamentary band MP3 at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05qyOYhUaRU.