Thursday, 6 December 2012

Festive cheer from the Long Lost Band

Ace local muscians the Long Lost Band have just released "Twelfth Night", a wonderful Christmas single, and are promoting it with a video that was shot entirely in Lancaster.

Locations include Moor Lane's Golden Lion pub and Castle Hill.

Fighting for time outside their uncreative day jobs like desperate, steroid laden apes, that have escaped from an underground laboratory, The Long Lost Band tell us they attempt to make music with scraps of time stolen from the edge of a black hole.

"The attempt is then made to claim territory, planting a tattered, bullet ridden flag on a recession blasted wasteland, and find some remnants of humanity who are looking for a band with smoke in their eyes," they say, "beer stains on their trousers and mighty memorable tunes made in the oxygen free dungeon of dreams.

"Oh, there's some guitars, drums, keyboards and vocals and some gig stuff too."

The Long Lost Band have played support to the likes of Ian McNabb and I Am Kloot.  They have one album under their belts. When they're not riding this particular ragged time wave, they can be found in The Golden Lion, Lancaster, worryingly drunk in charge of guitars and stuff.

• The Christmas Single 'Twelfth Knight (King of December)' is out now

•  Click Here to buy on Itunes or here on Amazon

•  Read an interview with the Long Lost Band on Louder Than War

• Official web site:

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