Friday, 7 December 2012

Get yourself ready for winter, county council urges

Lancashire County Council is urging everyone to be ready for the arrival of freezing weather this winter.

Despite the milder weather last winter, in recent years Lancashire has been hit by some of the most severe winter weather conditions for decades affecting services, residents and businesses.

The council's website has a wealth of advice and information on everything from equipping your car, to safely clearing snow from paths, and how to check on school closures.

Leaflets containing all the top tips will also be available at hundreds of locations including garages, doctors' surgeries, high-street shops and council receptions across the county.

Lancashire County Council has more salt in stock than ever before, with the depots full to the brim as gritting got underway with over 33,000 tonnes of salt to treat the roads.

It is also working more closely than ever with parish and district councils, the police, the fire and rescue service and the NHS to deliver a consistent message to the public about what to expect this winter and what the public can do to prepare for bad weather.

County Councillor Tim Ashton, Cabinet member for highways and transport, said: "We are confident we have done all we can to prepare to keep the county moving this winter but we are asking everybody to do their bit too.

"As ever we have to focus our resources on treating the main routes, and we're as ready as we can be to keep gritting for longer in the event of prolonged severe weather.

"But with the arrival of winter we can all take steps to make sure that when severe weather strikes we are prepared and able to manage. Whether it's checking on elderly and vulnerable neighbours, helping to clear snow from pathways or planning ahead for your journey, together we can keep our county moving.

"Simple things like making sure your car is serviced and equipped for winter conditions, and checking local travel news before your journey can make a big difference."

Lancashire County Council's winter website at contains links to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook. People can check on which roads are gritted in their area and sign up to receive instant updates whenever the gritters go out.

The website also features information on planning journeys, advice for businesses and details of what the county council can and can't do when the worst weather hits.

County Councillor Ashton added: "The government has issued clear advice about how people can clear snow from pavements outside their properties, which you can find on our website and winter leaflets.

"As always, we'll be keeping the county's 1,800 grit bins grit bins stocked with salt and sand which can be used to improve traction on side roads and pavements.

"I'd also encourage people to consider looking in on elderly neighbours, and if they want to buy salt from supermarkets or garages to use on their own paths and driveways, to stock up now.

"Our gritting crews are ready as ever to treat the main routes, but I'd ask everyone to remember that just because a road has been gritted it may not be clear of ice and that we all need to take extra care and prepare ahead for our journeys in freezing weather."

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