Friday, 21 December 2012

Getting expensive presents for Christmas? Immobilise thieves!

People receiving expensive presents for Christmas are being advised to take a few simple crime prevention measures to avoid being targeted by thieves.

At this time of year burglars are even more aware of the fact that people will have expensive items in their homes. Valuables left near windows can prove tempting for criminals and unlocked doors and windows make it easier for them to come in and steal your possessions.

PCSO Stephen Connolly, neighbourhood policing, said: “Keeping things out of sight and locking up when you go to bed or leave home can prevent your home being broken in to.

“However, if you are targeted by criminals, listing your new phones, gadgets and other presents, including bikes, on a property register database, such as can greatly increase the chances of getting the items returned to you.

"This is a free service and only takes a few minutes of your time.

“When officers seize suspected stolen property we can use the database to try and reunite it with its original owner. Second hand shops can also use a sister site to check whether an item is stolen when it is offered to them.

"Help us to spoil Christmas for criminals my making sure your property is not an easy target.”

• For more crime prevention advice visit To register property visit

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