Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year's Eve power cut affects Halton and other areas

(Updated 1824) This afternoon's power cut affecting Halton and other local areas looks as though it may mar New Year celebrations for some locals.

The outage - caused by what Lancaster Guardian staff on Twitter report is due to high voltage fault at a Carnforth substation - means over 1400 homes in the Halton area and beyond.

Electricity North West says power should be restored by 8.00pm for most, but warned that for some it might be as late as 2.00am.
It now looks like power will be restored by 9.30pm.

The power cut, which briefly affected Skerton as well as Bolton-le-Sands and Slyne, has affected TV signal for some.
This is the third power cut for some locals this month.

Some people without power or net access were infuriated that they were directed to the ENW web site to check on the power status in their area.

Quite apart from being caught in a power cut, the ENW web site is not configured for easy mobile browsing.

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power cut, uk south coast, 18.45 - 19.30 local time.