Monday, 10 December 2012

Police issue warning to mum’s on the school run

Police are issuing a warning to Mums on the school run to think about what they have drunk the night before.

Lancashire Constabulary’s annual Christmas Drink Drive campaign kicked off on December 1st and checkpoints are carried out across the county everyday.

Whilst very few people are being caught over the legal limit, officers have been left shocked by the number women on the school run that still have alcohol in their system.

“It really is alarming the number of women on the school run that we have pulled over for a random stop check who still have alcohol in their systems," notes Sergeant Claire Pearson from the Road Policing Unit.

“Although these people are not breaking the law as they are not over the limit, driving with any alcohol in their system significantly increases the chances of being involved in a collision. If they are involved in a collision then they are potentially putting their children’s lives at risk.

“I would remind people that if they are drinking the night before they should make alternative arrangements to take the children to school or travel to work as they could still be over the limit.

“Drink driving can have devastating effects on people’s lives and the simple solution is to not drink and drive.”

If you suspect anyone of drink driving then call the police on 101.


Anonymous said...

What about men on the school run...?

Anonymous said...

Ah, but it gives the cops an excuse to stop cars with young women in them and give them a bit of a scaring. It's a winter warmer for the lads. Then they wonder why women are put off reporting assaults.....