Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Cumbrian Police still searching for missing woman

Police officers looking for missing Catalina Covaci and her baby son Ricardo from Penrith, who disappeared before Christmas, have launched an appeal to trace a commuter who was seen on CCTV talking to the missing mum at a Manchester train station.

Officers have released the CCTV today in the hope that the lady contacts them as she is now the last known person to speak to Catalina on the day she went missing and may have very important information that could help officers locate her.

The lady is described as wearing a black jacket, a black hat and carrying several black bags and was seen talking to Catalina at Manchester Piccadilly train station. They spoke at around 1.40pm on the afternoon of 19th December 2012.

Detective Inspector Furzana Nazir is coordinating the search for Catalina.

“We have been conducting extensive searches and enquiries to trace 15-year-old Catalina and her six month year old son, Ricardo, who have almost been missing for a month," she said. “CCTV investigation has revealed that Catalina spoke to a woman when she arrived in Manchester Piccadilly train station on the afternoon she went missing.

"It is incredibly important that we trace this witness to find out what Catalina said, whether she asked for help or whether she indicated where she may be going.

“We are into the fourth week of her disappearance and concerns are mounting. Her family in Penrith are distressed and we need to ensure that we locate them both – quickly.

“Please, if you were travelling through Manchester Piccadilly on Wednesday 19 December 2012, take a look at this image and see if it was you. Were you travelling home for Christmas? Did you see or speak to a young mum pushing a black pushchair through the station around lunchtime? If you did, please get in touch.

“Anyone at all who thinks they have information about Catalina and Ricardo’s movements or current whereabouts – please come forward and contact us. Even the smallest detail may help so we would encourage anyone who has seen a young girl matching her description to contact Cumbria police on 101. If you want to give information but remain anonymous you can also call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

Catalina, who is originally from Romania but has resided in Cumbria for the last year and a half, went missing before Christmas. On Wednesday 19th December she left her Penrith home after telling her guardians she was taking her routine walk into Penrith town centre with her son. However, Catalina was seen with her son at Penrith Train Station on the morning of Wednesday 19th December 2012 and police have established that they travelled on a train from Penrith to Manchester Piccadilly which arrived at around 2.40pm. She hasn’t been seen since.

Catalina is described as having very long straight hair which is often worn in a bun. She is of a medium-heavy build and has a dark complexion.

Last week, police officers turned to international colleagues to help them widen their search as enquiries extended into France. Interpol are assisting Cumbria Constabulary by beginning international enquiries.

Catalina has strong links with various Romanian and travelling communities police officers are using #helpfindcatalina on Twitter in a bid to reach a wider audience and in the hope that the online community will spread the word and come forward with information.

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