Thursday, 17 January 2013

Fines for fouling and littering come into force

Irresponsible dog owners and litter louts are to be given fines by Lancaster’s city centre neighbourhood police team in order to clean up local communities.

Police officers and PCSOs on patrol can now hand out £80 fines to those who do not clean up their dog’s faeces; allow their animal to go on land from where they are banned or who fail to keep their pet on a lead in designated areas and public highways or when instructed to do so by an officer.

Fines will also be given out to those who drop litter in the city.

The move comes following ongoing complaints about dog fouling and littering in local communities.

The £80 penalty notice can be reduced to £50 if paid within seven days.

PCSO Michelle Mackay, Lancaster neighbourhood police team, said: “Residents are continually raising these issues with us – no one wants their neighbourhood to be messy, dirty or even a health risk.

“We want people to take pride in their local communities and we would ask people to pick up after their pets, keep them under control and put any litter into a bin. However, if people do not do this then they can expect to be fined. We should all make every effort to keep our communities clean.”

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